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4 Ports PoE Ethernet Switch
4 Ports PoE Ethernet Switch
4 Ports PoE Ethernet Switch

    4 Ports PoE Ethernet Switch

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    4 ports PoE Ethernet Switch is security surveillance Ethernet Switch which aims at Ethernet high definition surveillance and security system.

    The product fully combines the characteristics of security surveillance, provides fast packet forwarding ability and abundant backplane bandwidth, which ensures a clear image and fluent transmission. ESD and surge protection circuits can improve product stability.

    The product supports one key CCTV model, with a VLAN function that can restrain the network storm, protect the information security, prevent viral transmission and cyber attack, fully satisfy the Ethernet video security surveillance system and Ethernet project needs.

    Innovative Dual Uplink Ports
    Innovative 100Mbps downlink ports and dual 100Mbps uplink ports design.
    One piece of Switch is a set of small typed surveillance transmission systems which could not only meet the needs of HD security cameras access but also meet the needs of local NVR storage and convergence switch or network access.

    One Key CCTV Mode
    Extends transmission distance up to 250m; VLAN function to insulate communication among ports and ensure a higher forwarding efficiency and securer system; Auto Identify and restrain Network storm under 2M, maintain a safe and stable network.

    Professional Chip Solution
    2048 bytes long and high efficient packet forwarding; 55nm manufacturing processes chip with low power consumption and multifunction; 768K large cache design, fluent video effect.

    POE+ Standard 250M
    Adopt high power output, Max. 30W for each port, meets the power supply needs of most cameras and network access equipment. Although fully connected with PoE cameras at night, the switch can realize 250m long-distance transmission and PoE+ power supply.

    Level 4 or above lightning protection & anti-interference design to ensure a stable and reliable operation environment for devices under weak wells or various complex security projects.

    Model No.: UTP3-SW04-TP60