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How Does AI helps with video Conferencing

by Ace Business Pte Ltd on May 28, 2021

As businesses allow their employees to return back to office to work, remote working isn’t going off anytime soon so video conferences are here to stay.

As businesses realize that covid is not going off anytime soon, they would start investing in new tools to help with collabing online. And as they decide on which solution they wish to purchase, so to enable them to have the digital flexibility needed.

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All in all, having AI would be helpful in this task. As it provides it’s values as an indispensable tool that provides better efficiency and gives a better digital experience.

As such there are popular web conferencing services such as zoom which can provide captions, transcripts after each meeting to review.

There is also technology such as background noise suppressor so that it can prevent distractions which can make the meeting to be productive with no disturbance. So there is AI to help with the recognition of unwanted noise and mute or suppress the sounds.

AI also provides background for the speaker as the AI would specify the pixel that are part of the background making it a fun way to do a meeting.

In-conclusion, having AI provide your remote work a more fun, collaborative and enjoyable experience and with the service being on the cloud, your hardware does not need to handle the computing resource for the AI as it’s on the cloud and all you would need is the internet. And so with AI users from around the world can enjoy these features with the efficient AI and many users can enjoy it around the world.

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