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Logitech Meetup - Are you limited by your tech?

by Ace Business Pte Ltd on April 19, 2021

With the current Online conferencing now becoming a thing, your business would now need to get your own All-in-one Conference Cam. Now with most offices still doing work from home, or even just meeting people virtually, having a good conference system is essential for any business. Logitech Meetup does just that where it’s designed for small rooms with its wide lens.

The Logitech is a sleek device where it would look professional in any kind of setting décor you would have. The meetup has a 4K camera with a 120 degrees field with pan-tilt functionality. There are also Three beam-forming microphone and speakers.


Setting the meetup is easy as after connecting it to the PC or TV and it will run easily on any conferencing software. Remote control you can use the one included already or even use the phone app for it.


Using the Meetup is nice as you would be able to see everyone in a small enclosed space as it has a wide viewing angle letting you see wide where normally using a normal conference cam won’t.


How to know it’s good for you?

If you meet Regularly in the small space then the Logitech MeetUp would be perfect for you with it’s good mic and audio with a wide viewing angle.


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You can view more details of the product here: https://av.sg/products/logitech-meetup?_pos=1&_sid=d62946f6e&_ss=r