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New work Environment, New experience for business

by Ace Business Pte Ltd on June 10, 2021

The past year event has sped up the technology advances as companies try to adapt to the new normal. And as the daily user routine evolves so does the market which has to support the new workspace environment and the remote connectivity and adapt to the different scenarios required according to the video conferencing environment.

And there are a few elements which have to be taken note of when planning the companies AV & IT related investment.

Firstly would be having the ethernet infrastructure to be reliable enough so that doing video conferencing will be smooth for the user experience and productivity. As having good bandwidth would allow their employees to work better and more productivity so many companies are investing into a good Ethernet Infrastructure.

The High use of Video Conferencing software also showed the need for AV equipment to allow for better user experience and higher productivity as not only is the software part important, but the equipment supporting the software will become a key factor as well.

Important supporting tools would include having a second screen, a high quality camera & audio peripherals.

Also with social distancing many IT departments have now moved to a more cloud-based platform to configure and monitor the companies AV equipment remotely. Such platforms allow the IT to be more proactive in monitoring and supporting to prevent any malfunction during meetings.

All in all, companies cannot ignore the need to upgrade to keep up with the current trend and so visit our site https://av.sg/ or if you would like our expertise, contact us at 6262 0402 / 8264 5622 or email us at info@av.sg.