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What is the Difference between digital signage and TVs and what you should get?

by Ace Business Pte Ltd on July 12, 2021

Although both are similar, they are very different in the usage as they are meant for different jobs so even though they may look similar outside. Although using a normal tv for commercial purposes may save you on upfront cost, in the long run it would add up on repairs which will bring maintenance cost up.

The main attraction to digital signage would be that it’s eye catching and attractive as it would have the bright display to attract people's attention which makes it recognize more easily gaining people's attention.

The main difference between a digital signage and TV are that digital signage would have digital signage software which would allow them to display images and allow it to loop with many other display media, RSS feeds or images and videos in one display. This allows the businesses using this to have complete control on what they want to display which TVs may not have.

The main reason people don’t use TV as a digital signage display is because of the cost in the long run. TVs also have limited function compared to the digital signage you would see as a kiosk. 

Overall most businesses would use digital signage as it would help them with differentiating and allow them to do better than other businesses.

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