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Logitech Dock (Graphite)

    Logitech Dock (Graphite)

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    Logitech Logi Dock All-In-One Docking Station And Speakerphone

    Upgrade the remote working experience with Logi Dock, an all-in-one docking station with one-touch meeting controls and a built-in speakerphone. Compatible with leading video conferencing platforms and easy to set up, Logi Dock connects everything in one tidy unit, replaces the need for extra peripherals, and eliminates a tangle of cables and wires.

    Designed to declutter the desktop, Logi Dock provides a single connection point for up to five USB peripherals and two monitors, while powering your laptop up to 100 watts. With calendar integration and support for your favorite video conferencing services like Google Meet™, Microsoft Teams®, and Zoom™, Logi Dock makes it easy to join your next meeting. Just press a button and you’re in.

    For high-quality calls, Logi Dock features a built-in, noise-canceling speakerphone, which also delivers impressive stereo sound when you want music as your work companion.

    Pick your platform: ntegrated with leading video conferencing platforms such as Microsoft Teams®, Google Meet™ and Zoom™, Logi Dock allows you to instantly join any meeting with a single touch.

    Simple Meeting Controls with Visual Alerts: Control audio and camera at your fingertips by pressing the mute, volume, or video buttons. Get alerts about upcoming video calls from the ambient light indicators.

    Calendar Integration with Tune: With calendar integration via Logi Tune, you can stay on top of your day, get informed of upcoming appointments, and quickly join meetings with a simple touch of a button.

    Unclutter Your Desktop: Logi Dock connects up to five USB peripherals, and up to two monitors while charging your laptop up to 100 watts. With fewer cords and dongles, and less visual clutter, Logi Dock makes room for cleaner workspaces and better work days.


    Model: 986-000020 / 986-000024

    2 Years Warranty