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47U Server Rack Rack-A38047

    47U Server Rack Rack-A38047

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    47U Server Rack 800mm x 1000mm x 2276mm

    1) Removable side panels (lockable);
    2) Static Loading Capacity: 800kg;
    3) Mesh Vented for Front and Rear Door
    4) Include 5 Fixed Shelves, 4 Fans, 1 PDU
    5) Include Cable Management Sort 

    6) Internal Working Depth : 890mn

    47 U Server Rack Dimension 

    Internal Dimensions
    Height 2089.15mm
    Width 482.6mm
    Depth 750mm


    19” Width Standard;
    Removeable Side Panels, Side Locks Optional;
    Knock Off Hole for entering cable on both Top Cover, Bottom Panel & Real Panel
    Turning Angle of Front Door is over 180°
    Easy Mounting Installation
    Space Saving-Unassembled Package