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BenQ EX600 Wireless Smart Projector
BenQ EX600 Wireless Smart Projector
BenQ EX600 Wireless Smart Projector
BenQ EX600 Wireless Smart Projector

    BenQ EX600 Wireless Smart Projector

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    Smart Enterprise Knows Smarter Projectors

    Start Remote Meetings in a Blink and Adopt a Laptop-Free Solution for Envisioning the Next Normal

    EX600 can instantly turn any space into a video conferencing room without costing a fortune

    Grants employees’ access to their personal cloud storage for meeting materials, enabling them to prepare for and hold meetings without laptops

    Exclusive driver-free wireless projection. And compatible with any device, allowing users connect and get started immediately

    EX600’s proprietary broadcasting system lets administrators send customized messages, such as a polite notification that meeting time is almost up, to facilitate smooth transitions between meetings

    See How Smart Projectors Benefit Your Meetings

    Built-in video conferencing app

    Software/hardware integration for starting remote meetings immediately
    It's easy to start a video conference with BenQ Smart Projector for Business EX600 and DVY21  webcam.

    EX600 comes embedded with TeamViewer Meeting video conferencing software that makes remote meetings straightforward and thrifty. As long as a camera is available, users can enjoy remote meetings on a large screen that makes it possible to see all participants and meeting materials clearly – an experience no other device can offer.


    Cloud service enables personal file access without a laptop

    AMS integrates most popular cloud services (Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox) in one convenient interface

    AMS (Account Management Service) can sync with popular cloud storage services like Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. With just one AMS account, you can manage all your data and materials. AMS is embedded in EX600, offering direct access to the cloud without need for a laptop. Furthermore, EX600 comes with WPS software that lets users open and edit Microsoft Office files.

    *Wireless mouse and keyboard may bring better user experience.

    Intuitive driver-free wireless projection

    Just connect and project

    BenQ wireless projection offers a unique advantage over competitors, letting users mirror the screens of devices connected to the same network as the projector. This feature supports many OSes and device types. It is also compatible to connect the mobile devices which meet WPA2 standard, guaranteeing information security by safeguarding against data theft during data transmission.

    X-Sign Broadcast for instant announcements without Interruptions

    Customizable centrally controlled digital message broadcasting

    X-Sign Broadcast can send customized messages from laptops, desktops, and smart devices to a designated projector, ensuring all meeting participants can see important reminders. X-Sign Broadcast also lets personnel schedule messages in advance as needed.

    The Difference Is in the Details

    Smart Services and Connectivity

    WPS Office

    The WPS Office app allows you to open Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files via USB or by using the smart projector’s built-in storage.

    Built-in Firefox for No-Hassle Web Access

    No longer just for projecting, BenQ projectors are ready to replace PCs. Built-in Firefox browser allows users to harness the power of the Internet during meetings. The browser can also be used for employee onboarding webinars as well as other tasks.

    Be Organized and Nimble with Just a USB

    Supporting a wide range of file formats, including JPEG, PDF, Microsoft documents, and more, the USB Type-A port on BenQ Smart Projectors lets you easily project images or documents directly without a PC.

    Data and Device Protection

    BenQ offers device security against malware with McAfee® premium protection app from BenQ Suggest. This award-winning antivirus auto-scans connected HID devices, such as a USB flash drive, to avoid viral infection and blocks the access to all the insecure websites with optimal network protection.

    *BenQ offers 2-year McAfee® free premium protection. Users can renew the subscription by purchasing the same service again via the app.

    Display Performance

    All-Glass Lens Array

    BenQ uses only the highest quality glass lenses to minimize chromatic aberration and ensure long-term image quality with brilliant clarity.

    BenQ-Exclusive Infographic Mode

    BenQ Smart Projectors’ Infographic Mode showcases detailed graphics and text with high brightness and superior color gradation.

    DLP Projection
    for Zero Color Decay

    BenQ Smart Projectors use DLP technology that’s resistant to color decay, which guarantees crisp, vivid images for many years to come.

    High Brightness and XGA Resolution

    Offering 3600 lumens of brightness and XGA resolution, BenQ Smart Projectors enhance subtle details and deliver ultra-sharp readability.

    Quick Setup

    Adjustment Feet for Convenient Setup

    Two adjustable feet, including a retractable foot, make BenQ Smart Projectors extremely flexible and allow for setup in many types of meeting rooms.

    Vertical Keystone for Perfect Alignment

    The vertical keystone function repositions the image vertically, making it easy to get perfect projection alignment from multiple angles.

    Wall Color

    Wall Color Correction allows BenQ Smart Projectors to adapt to non-white surfaces, helping projected images achieve proper hue and coloration even when displayed on walls that aren’t the ideal color.

    wBenQ's wireless smart projector of EH600 offers a flexible projection size from 100” at 13 feet to 150” at 16.2 feet, perfect for most meeting or huddle rooms.

    Flexible Projection Sizes

    EX600 offers a flexible projection size from 60 to 180 inches, perfect for space-restrained huddle rooms or meeting rooms.

    Unique Design and Features

    Dust Sensor

    BenQ’s exclusive dust sensor disrupts dust accumulation to improve durability and lower overall maintenance costs.


    Featuring 2 USB Type-A ports, 1 Mini USB Type-B port, and 1 HDMI 1.4 port, BenQ Smart Projectors offer unrivalled connectivity and compatibility.

    Intuitive Design

    The navigation buttons on BenQ Smart Projectors are intuitive and easy to use.

    Exquisite Texture

    BenQ Smart Projectors are equipped with professional-looking, fingerprint-proof texturized outer casings that perfectly match the style of a typical huddle room.


    Projector Description:

    This versatile XGA projector offers 3600 ANSI lumens of brightness, a native resolution of 1024x768 (4:3 aspect ratio), and a high contrast ratio of 20,000:1. It supports 30-bit display color for vibrant visuals. With multiple picture modes and connectivity options, this projector is ideal for a wide range of applications, including presentations and multimedia content.



    • Brightness (ANSI lumens): 3600
    • Native Resolution: XGA (1024x768)
    • Native Aspect Ratio: 4:3
    • Contrast Ratio (FOFO): 20,000:1
    • Display Color: 30-bit (1.07 billion colors)
    • Light Source: Lamp
    • Light Source Life: a. Normal 5000 hrs b. ECO 10000 hrs c. SmartEco 15000 hrs d. LampSave 15000 hrs


    • Throw Ratio: 1.96~2.15
    • Zoom Ratio: 1.1x
    • Lens: F/#=2.562.68, f=2224.1 mm
    • Projection Offset (Full-Height): 110%
    • Keystone Adjustment: 1D, Vertical ± 40 degrees


    • Picture Modes: 3D, Bright, Infographic, Presentation, sRGB, User 1, User 2, Video


    • Input Lag: 33.4 ms (1080P 60Hz)
    • Resolution Support: VGA(640 x 480) to WUXGA_RB(1920 x 1200) *RB=Reduced blanking
    • Horizontal Frequency: 15K~102KHz
    • Vertical Scan Rate: 23~120Hz

    I/O Interface

    • PC in (D-sub 15pin): PC in-1 (shared with component video)
    • Monitor out (D-sub 15pin) (x1)
    • HDMI in (x1): HDMI-1 (1.4a/HDCP1.4)
    • USB Type A (x3):
      • USB Type A-1 (2.0/Power Supply1.0A/Reader)
      • USB Type A-2 (2.0/Power Supply1.5A/Reader)
      • USB Type A-3 (2.0/Wireless Dongle)
    • USB Type Mini B (x1): USB Type Mini B-1(service/Page up&down)
    • RS232 in (DB-9pin) (x1)


    • Speaker (x1): 2W
    • Audio in (3.5mm Mini Jack) (x1)
    • Audio out (3.5mm Mini Jack) (x1)


    • Operating Temperature: 0~40℃
    • Power Supply: AC 100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz
    • Typical Power Consumption (110V): 270W/110V
    • Stand-by Power Consumption: <0.5W
    • Acoustic Noise (Typ./Eco.)(dB): 33/29 dB


    • Wireless USB dongle: WDR02U
    • Carry Bag (optional): 5J.J3T09.001
    • Remote Control w/ Battery: RCI023
    • Power Cord (by region): x1 (1.8M)
    • VGA(D-sub 15pin) Cable: 1 (1.5m)
    • 3D Glasses (Optional): DGD5
    • Quick Start Guide (x1): 21L
    • Warranty Card (by region): Yes
    • Universal Ceiling Mount (Optional): CM00G3

    Onscreen Display

    • Launcher: Smart Business

    Smart System

    • Built-in OS: Yes, Android 6.0
    • Bluetooth: Yes, Bluetooth 4.0
    • Wi-Fi Standard: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2.4G/5G)
    • Wireless Projection: AirPlay, Google Cast

    Dimension & Weight

    • Dimension & Weight: 296 x120 x232
    • Net Weight (kg): 2.5 kg (5lbs)
    • Net Weight (lb): 5

    Projection System

    • Projection System: DLP
    Product Information
    Projection System DLP
    Resolution 1,024 x 768 (XGA)
    Brightness (ANSI lumens) 3,600 lm
    Contrast Ratio 20,000:1
    Display Color 1.07 Billion Colors
    Native Aspect Ratio 4:3 (5 aspect ratio selectable)
    Light Source Lamp
    Resolution Support VGA(640 x 480) to WUXGA_RB(1,920 x 1,200)
    *RB=Reduced Blanking
    Throw Ratio 1.96 ~ 2.15
    Zoom Ratio 1.1x
    Projection Offset 110±2.5%( (Full-Height)
    Keystone Adjustment 1D Keystone, Vertical ± 40°
    Horizontal Frequency 15K~102 KHz
    Vertical Scan Rate 23~120 Hz
    Projection Size 60" ~ 180"
    Speaker 2W
    Speacial Feature
    Security Security Bar
    Feature Built-In smart system, BenQ Launcher, Hidden Wireless dingle, Bluetooth Audio out, Digital zoom(2x), Digital Shrink and Shift
    Smart System
    OS System Android 6.0
    ROM/RAM 16GB/2GB
    Wireless Dual Band 802.11ac/b/g/n, 2.4G/5G
    Bluetooth 4.0
    HDTV Compatibility 480i, 480p, 576i, 567p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
    Video Compatibility NTSC, PAL, SECAM
    3D Compatibility N/A
    Dimensions and Weight
    Net Weight 2.5 Kg
    Dimensions (W x H x D) 296 X 120 X 232 mm
    Power Supply AC 100 to 240 V
    Power Consumption (Max. / Normal / Eco) 320W / 280W / 235W
    Standby Power Consumption < 0.5W
    Acoustic Noise (Typ./Eco.) 33/29 dBA
    Operating Temperature 0~40℃