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Epson EB-760Wi Projector

    Epson EB-760Wi Projector

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    Lamp-free interactive display projects easy-to-read images for collaborative classrooms


    Offering a high-quality 16:10 WXGA display up to 100", the EB-760Wi interactive display delivers easy-to-read images that provides up to 85 percent more interactive space than a 75" flat panel—for a low cost per square inch. With 4,100 lumens of color and white brightness1 and proprietary 3-chip 3LCD technology, this display delivers a remarkably bright and colorful picture that can be easily viewed in ambient light conditions from nearly anywhere in the classroom. It also includes a 20,000-hour, virtually maintenance-free laser light source2, so there are no lamps to purchase or replace—ever.

    • 4,100 lumens of colour and white brightness1
    • Large interactive display up to 100"
    • Multi-user capability for easy collaboration
    • 16:10 WXGA resolution for true-to-life images


    Maximise your collaboration, with minimal footprint at a close distance
    With our ultra-short throw projectors, deliver clear and impactful presentations. Cast a larger image from less than an arm throw distance, stay game on in your business and learning. Throw ratio of 0.27-0.37 allows you to project up to 150" at 92.8cm.* Comes with 16W speaker to enhance your collaboration experience too!

    * with no interactive function, up to 100" with interactive function  



    Interactive function
    Using Epson EB-760Wi Interactive function, explore meaningful collaboration and discussion of big ideas. Comes with Advance Whiteboard function, two pens and six finger touch point to make collaborations a breeze.


    PC-free digital whiteboard
    Draw, save, print and email without a PC; share whiteboard content with other networked projectors3


    Brilliantly rich, crystal-clear detail
    With excellent contrast ratio of over 2,500,000:1, EB-760Wi delivers well-defined image to you - whether it is numbers, pictures, graphs or videos.It's all about seeing the little details in a better light.


    Projection Technology:

    • Utilizes RGB liquid crystal shutter projection system for high-quality imagery.


    • White Light Output: Offers 4,100lm in normal mode and 2,800lm in extended mode.
    • Color Light Output: Provides 4,100lm for vibrant and true-to-life colors.
    • Contrast Ratio: Achieves over 2,500,000:1 for stunning contrast and depth in images.


    • Analog Input: Includes 2 Computer Ins and 1 Composite input.
    • Digital Input: Features 3 HDMI Ins (HDCP 2.3) for seamless digital connectivity.
    • Analog Output: Offers 1 Computer Out (shared with Computer2) and 1 Audio Out.
    • Control I/O: Provides RS232C, Interactive Sync, and Finger Touch Unit Control for easy operation.
    • USB I/O: Consists of 2 Type A ports (for PC Free, FW Update, etc.) and 2 Type B ports (for FW Update, USB Display).
    • Network I/O: Equipped with Wired LAN (RJ45) and Built-in and Optional Wireless LAN.

    Geometric Correction:

    • Keystone Correction: Allows ±3° vertical and horizontal adjustments.
    • Quick Corner: Offers both auto and manual adjustments for quick setup.

    Image Enhancement:

    • Features Noise Reduction, Super-Resolution, and Detail Enhancement for superior image quality.

    Wireless Specification:

    • Supports IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ac for infrastructure and Wi-Fi Direct modes.
    • Provides secure wireless LAN connections with various encryption options.

    Power and Efficiency:

    • Power Supply Voltage: Accepts 100 – 240 V AC ±10%, 50/60 Hz.
    • Power Consumption: Lamp consumes 263W in normal mode and 199W in extended mode.
    • Direct Power On/Off: Allows quick startup and shutdown.

    Main Parts Specifications:

    • LCD: Utilizes a 0.59” C2Fine panel with WXGA resolution.
    • Lightsource: Employs a long-lasting Laser Diode with a lifespan of up to 20,000 hours in normal mode and 30,000 hours in extended mode.
    • Projection Lens: Features no optical zoom/focus with a throw ratio of 0.27 – 0.37.
    • Screen Size: Offers various screen sizes depending on the projected distance and aspect ratio.

    Design and Maintenance:

    • Weight: Approximately 6kg for easy portability and installation.
    • Air Filter: Utilizes an electrostatic filter with a maintenance cycle of 12,000 hours in normal mode and 20,000 hours in extended mode.
    • Dimension: Compact design with dimensions of 395 x 356 x 133 mm (Width x Depth x Height).

    This projector combines cutting-edge technology with versatile connectivity options and efficient operation, making it an ideal choice for professional presentations and educational settings.