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Epson EB-770FI Projector
Epson EB-770FI Projector
Epson EB-770FI Projector

    Epson EB-770FI Projector

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    Agile USTi laser display

    • Interactive FHD display for any room 49-100" UST display for unrestricted viewing (no shadows/reflections)
    • Bright and energy efficient laser 4,100lm CLO with 3LCD technology for brighter colours at only 205W
    • Effortless connectivity options Auto-on, wired / wireless display with USB 2A output for smart sticks
    • Simple to use and built to last Virtually maintenance free with 5-year, 12,000hr warranty
    • Document camera compatibility Create and record a live, totally immersive lesson or presentation

    The EB-770Fi is a step up from the EB-770F, with added interactive features.

    Interactive technology enables two digital pens to be used on the display simultaeously (finger touch available through optional accessory FT01). Presentations can be controlled and brought to life with on-screen annotations, while a variety of convenient built-in tools support productivity. An optional Epson visualiser camera can be contolled via the display, projecting documents or objects from a desk for the whole room to see in incredible detail.

    With a 4,100 lumens laser-light source, combined with 3LCD technology, it produces a large, bright and vibrant display up to 100", clearly visible from all angles and at a distance.

    Versatile wired and wireless connectivity options, including screen mirroring via Miracast™, allows participants to effortlessly share content from their PCs or mobile devices.

    The experience is immersive and user-friendly.

    The ultra short throw lens allows safe, unobtrusive positioning above the display, enabling presenters free access to interact without casting shadows.

    Unlike a flat-panel display, there is no heavy, breakable, glass panel to create disruptive, reflected blind spots from certain angles; and presenters are not subjected to LCD panel direct blue light radiation.

    What is in the box?

    1. 2 x Pen tip(Teflon)
    2. 4 x Pen tip(Felt)
    3. Interactive pens
    4. Pen Holder/Stand
    5. Power cable
    6. Quick Start Guide
    7. Remote control incl. batteries
    8. USB cable

    Projection Technology:

    • Employs 3LCD Technology with RGB liquid crystal shutter for exceptional image quality.


    • White Light Output: Offers 4,100lm in normal mode and 2,800lm in economy mode, compliant with ISO 21118:2020.
    • Color Light Output: Also delivers 4,100lm for vibrant and accurate colors.
    • Contrast Ratio: Achieves over 2,500,000:1 for striking contrast and depth.


    • Versatile Inputs: Includes 2 Computer Ins, 1 Composite In, and 3 HDMI Ins (HDCP 2.3) for seamless connectivity.
    • Audio and Mic Support: Provides 3 Audio Ins, 1 Audio Out, and 1 Mic In for comprehensive audio options.
    • Control I/O: Features RS-232C and various other interfaces for easy control and integration.

    USB and Network Connectivity:

    • Dual USB Type A ports for PC Free, FW Update, and more, and 2 Type B ports for service and USB Display.
    • Wired and Wireless LAN options (IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac) for network connectivity.

    Advanced Features:

    • Supports 21:9 aspect ratio, interactive pen and finger-touch functionality, and various video color modes.
    • Offers security features like Kensington lock, password protection, and wireless LAN security.
    • Includes advanced functionalities like auto power on/off, screen mirroring, and split-screen function.


    • Supports pen and finger-touch interactivity, making it ideal for interactive presentations and collaborations.


    • Energy-efficient operation with power consumption ranging from 141W to 263W.
    • Compact design with dimensions of 356 x 395 x 133 mm and a weight of 6 kg for easy installation.
    • Comprehensive warranty coverage of 60 months carry-in or 12,000 hours.

    Included Software and Options:

    • Comes with Easy Interactive Tools, EasyMP Multi PC Projection, and Epson Projector Management software.
    • Optional accessories include air filter, ceiling mount, visualizer camera, and more for enhanced functionality.

    Positioning and Application:

    • Suitable for meeting rooms, classrooms, and various other applications.
    • Can be mounted on the ceiling, desktop, or wall for flexible placement options.

    Color and Design:

    • Features a sleek white design that blends well with any environment.