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Epson EB-810E Projector

    Epson EB-810E Projector

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    Take classroom and meeting room displays beyond the limits of flat panels.


    The EB-810E Extreme Short Throw 4K Enhancement1 Laser Projector is an innovative lamp-free laser display, offering a flexible solution for classrooms and hybrid workspaces. It delivers a bright, glare-free display up to 160" from just a few centimeters away from the wall, with built-in split-screen and multi-device support for casting.

    It supports various display ratios for hybrid meetings, has a long-lasting laser light source, and offers versatile connectivity. With an optional wall mount, it can transform traditional whiteboards into vibrant displays, and installation is easy with the Epson Setting Assistant app. Elevate your display beyond ordinary flat panels with the Epson EB-810E.

    • 3LCD technology; 5,000 lumens of colour/white brightness
    • 1080p with 4K Enhancement1 for stunning image clarity
    • Up to 160-inch screen size; 4.5x larger than a 75-inch flat panel
    • Easy integration with native 16:9 aspect ratio, supports 16:10, 21:9, 16:6

    Lamp-free Technology:

    • Utilizes laser diode technology with an advanced cooling system for up to 30,000 hours of maintenance-free operation, ensuring long-lasting performance.

    Stunning Colour and Impactful Image Quality:

    • Boasts 5,000 lumens of both colour and white brightness, providing glare-free, vibrant images even in brightly lit environments.

    Astonishingly Smooth Display with 4K Enhanced Resolution:

    • Features Epson's advanced pixel-shifting technology and innovative image processing for visibly smooth and detailed picture quality.

    Extreme Short Throw Capability:

    • Projects large images up to 160" diagonally from just centimeters away from the wall, offering flexibility and convenience in placement.

    Built-in Flexible Digital Canvas:

    • Supports a native 16:9 aspect ratio with additional compatibility for ultra-wide 16:6 and 21:9 displays, ensuring an equitable conferencing experience and captivating digital signage.

    Versatile Connectivity Options:

    • Offers multiple digital inputs including HDMI and HDBaseT, as well as control I/O such as RS-232C and USB ports for seamless integration into various setups.

    Geometric Correction and Operating Flexibility:

    • Features Quick Corner adjustment and operates within a wide temperature range, making it suitable for various environments and installation scenarios.

    Internal Speaker and Power Management:

    • Equipped with dual 8W stereo speakers for immersive audio experiences and supports direct power on/off functionality for added convenience.

    Efficient Maintenance and Noise Reduction:

    • Incorporates an electrostatic air filter with a maintenance cycle of 20,000 hours and produces minimal fan noise for a quiet viewing environment.

    Main Parts Specification:

    • Employs a 0.62" LCD panel with 1080P (4KE) resolution and a high-quality projection lens with manual focus and digital zoom capabilities.
    • Operates with a laser diode light source offering 20,000 to 30,000 hours of extended life, supporting various colour modes for versatile usage scenarios.

    With its cutting-edge features and unparalleled performance, the EB-810E Extreme Short Throw 4K Enhancement Laser Projector redefines visual excellence and offers a superior projection experience for meeting rooms, digital signage, and collaborative workspaces.