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EZCast PRO II Dongle

    EZCast PRO II Dongle

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    EZCast PRO II Dongle

    5G Wireless HDMI Extender and Receiver, Stream 4K Video, Supports Airplay, Miracast, High Speed MIMO 2T2R WiFi, 4 to 1 Split Screens Features

    Enhanced WiFi : 802.11ac 5Ghz WiFi. 2T2R MIMO high sensitivity antenna design.   

    Support 4K resolution and output display up to 4096x2160@24hz.   

    Faster 5 GHz Wi-Fi support with 4K capability to deliver smoother and more vivid presentations. Supports multi-screen setup for larger speaking venues.


    Broadcast wireless presentations to multiple screens

    Create powerful presentations across multiple large screen displays in real-time from your laptops.

    Easily screen mirror to multiple displays for large conference rooms and lecture halls.

    Setup wireless multiple screens in meeting room

    Interactive learning in the classroom

    Interactive mobile presentations in classrooms

    Free teachers from restrictive cables and let teacher make wireless presentations from any smartphone or laptop, with the freedom to interact with students.

    Give students the opportunity to share content with the class in a safe and controlled environment.

    Run effective meetings with Host Control

    Take charge of complex meetings involving multiple presenters and multiple agendas. 

    Use the Host Control feature to keep track of multiple presentation sources any time and make sure the meetings run smoothly and effectively.

    run effective meetings with host control

    EZNote classroom girl tablet

    An easier way to take notes in class

    Gone are the days when students scribble handwritten notes in a book and never look at it again.

    Use EZNote to create study notes that can be shared online for new ways to study and collaborate information.