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Hikvision Pro Face Access Terminal | DS-K1T671MF

    Hikvision Pro Face Access Terminal | DS-K1T671MF

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    • Forced Mask Wearing Alert: The system can detect if a person recognized by the facial recognition system is not wearing a mask. Depending on the context, it can either prompt a voice reminder and fail authentication or allow attendance.
    • Face Recognition with Mask Alert: Similar to the first feature, it detects if someone recognized is not wearing a mask, but in this case, it allows for valid attendance or authentication with a voice reminder.
    • 7-inch LCD Touch Screen: The system is equipped with a 7-inch LCD touch screen.
    • 2 Megapixel Wide-Angle Lens: It features a 2-megapixel wide-angle lens for capturing faces.
    • Built-in M1 Card Reading Module: This system includes a built-in M1 card reading module for card-based access control.
    • Face Recognition Distance: The system can recognize faces at distances ranging from 0.3 meters to 3 meters without a mask. It has a fast recognition speed of less than 0.2 seconds per user and an accuracy rate of greater than or equal to 99%.
    • Capacity: It can store information for up to 6,000 faces, 6,000 cards, and 5,000 fingerprints.
    • Two-Way Audio: The system supports two-way audio communication with client software, indoor station, and main station.
    • Network Support: It supports TCP/IP for network connectivity and can be configured via a web client.
    • ISAPI and ISUP5.0 Protocol: The system supports ISAPI and ISUP5.0 protocol.
    • IP65: It has an IP65 rating, indicating that it is dust-tight and resistant to water.
    • Language Support: The system supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish (South America), Arabic, Thai, Indonesian, Russian, Vietnamese, and Portuguese (Brazil).
    • Platform Support: It is compatible with Hik-ProConnect and HikCentral Professional platforms.


    • System Operation: Linux
    • Display: 7-inch LCD with capacitive touch screen
    • Video: 2-megapixel camera with 2 lenses
    • Audio: Noise suppression and echo cancellation for high-quality audio
    • Network: Supports 10/100/1000 Mbps self-adaptive wired network
    • Interfaces: Various input and output interfaces for lock control, exit button, door contact, and more
    • Capacity: Stores information for cards, faces, and fingerprints
    • Authentication: Supports M1 card, face recognition, and fingerprint recognition
    • Functionality: Includes features like face anti-spoofing, advertisement display, audio prompts, and time synchronization
    • General: Operates on 12VDC/2A power supply, with a working temperature range of -30°C to 60°C and IP65 protection.
    • Installation: Designed for surface installation

    This system is a comprehensive access control and facial recognition solution with various features for secure and convenient access management. It's suitable for a range of applications and offers language support for global use.