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LG UHD Signage Display | UH5N-E Series
LG UHD Signage Display | UH5N-E Series
LG UHD Signage Display | UH5N-E Series

    LG UHD Signage Display | UH5N-E Series

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    Key Feature

    • Resolution: 3,840 x 2,160 (UHD)
    • Brightness (Typ.): 500 nit
    • Surface Treatement (Haze) : 28 %
    • Bezel : 8.9 mm (T/R/L), 12.9 mm (B)
    • Interface : HDMI(3) / DP / USB 2.0 / RS232C / RJ45 / Audio / IR
    • webOS Smart Platform
    Signage installed on the interior walls of the shopping mall displays advertisements vividly.

    UHD Signage Display with LG webOS Platform and Advanced Security

    * All images in this page are for illustrative purposes only.
    The difference comparing at a glance is shown in Ultra HD quality, which is four times higher than Full HD.

    High Resolution Display

    It offers a resolution that is four times higher than FHD, satisfying customers visually. Additionally, the anti-glare coating on the screen reduces screen reflection in bright lighting environments, increasing visibility and legibility, providing customers with a comfortable screen.
    A number of tasks can be done at the same time with the intuitive GUI.

    Convenient webOS Platform

    The UH5N-E is equipped with a high-performance SoC that allows for multiple tasks to be performed without a separate media player. The webOS platform provides app development tools with an intuitive UI that enhances user convenience, enabling easy connection with external sensors and webOS partner apps to create an SI-friendly environment.
    Three UHD Standard Signage are installed on a gray-toned wall, each displaying different artworks, creating an appearance like framed paintings. Harmonizing with the white and gray-toned interior, these UH5N-E are equipped with white bezel Art Frames. The left side provides a detailed image showcasing three types of bezel accessories in gray, wood, and white.

    Stylish interior with Art Frame

    Enhance the sophistication of your space with the Art Frame featuring bezels accessories, providing an artistic touch to the UH5N-E for a more refined interior. Bezels accessories empower customers to utlize their UH5N-E to seamlessly blend with their interior, transforming it into a chic decorative centerpiece.

    * Bezel accessories are sold separately at an additional cost. For more information, please contact LG Sales.
    The UH5N-E with slim bezels is mounted close to the wall, showcasing a rear design that is optimized for space-saving with a simple cable management system.

    Design For space utilization

    Designed with thin bezels and simple cable management, the UH5N-E saves space. With specialized hidden power inlets, it can be installed close to the wall, leaving only about 13 mm of space with the slim bracket.

    * All images are for illustrative purposes only. 
    * The product image will differ slightly from the actual appearance of the product due to the variance caused by each inch option.
    The UH5N-E has Conformal Coating on the power board to protect display even in a salty or humid environment.

    Durability that Provides Reliability

    Optimized for business environments, the UH5N-E is protected against salt, dust, iron powder and humidity thanks to conformal coating on power board, allowing for stable operation. Also, its customer-centric features, such as IP5x, 30-degree tilting and Shock Monitoring, provide both reliability and satisfaction.
    The UH5N-E provides security features to protect important data from external access or attacks.

    Enhanced Security Features

    The UH5N-E provides security features, including LG's Enhanced Kernel Protection (EKP) technology, protecting important data from external access or attacks. LG UHD Signage also holds reliable certification in the field of information security, maintaining customers' data and businesses securely. For example, this model is ISO/IEC 15408 Common Criteria EAL2 Certified.
    LG strives for a sustainable future by obtaining various certifications such as FCC EMC Class B.


    With a commitment to innovation and sustainability, LG is continuously striving to create a better future for manufacturers, consumers, and future generations. With a focus on minimizing waste, maximizing recycling, and efficient power management, LG actively strives for sustainability, obtaining various certifications such as FCC EMC Class B.
    Cafe managers are creating menus that will be displayed on the display installed on the cafe wall using content management software.

    SuperSign Solutions

    SuperSign is an integrated and intuitive content management solution for creative and organized digital signage content in your space, connecting customers to a range of services with convenient user experiences. There are a variety of versions such as SuperSign Cloud, so discover and enjoy the version that best fits you.

    *The Product image will differ slightly from the actual appearance of the product due to the variance caused by each inch option.


    • Screen Size: 43", 49", 55", 65"
    • Panel Technology: IPS
    • Backlight Type: Edge
    • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
    • Native Resolution: 3,840 x 2,160 (4K UHD)
    • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
    • Brightness (Typ.): 500 nit
    • Contrast Ratio:
      • 1,000:1 (43")
      • 1,100:1 (49", 65")
      • 1,200:1 (55")
    • Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 1,000,000:1
    • Color Gamut: BT709 95%
    • Viewing Angle (H x V): 178° × 178°
    • Color Depth: 10bit(D), 1.07 Billion colors
    • Response Time:
      • Tr: 8ms / Tf: 10ms (43", 55", 65")
      • Tr: 6ms / Tf: 9ms (49")
    • Surface Treatment (Haze): 28%
    • Life Time (Min.): 50,000 Hrs
    • Operation Hours (Hours / Days): 24 / 7
    • Portrait / Landscape: Yes / Yes

    Mechanical Specification:

    • Bezel Color: Black
    • Bezel Width: 8.9 mm (T/R/L), 12.9 mm (B)
    • Weight (Head):
      • 11.1 kg (43")
      • 13.6 kg (49")
      • 16.1 kg (55")
      • 24.2 kg (65")
    • Packed Weight:
      • 12.8 kg (43")
      • 16.1 kg (49")
      • 20.5 kg (55")
      • 30.4 kg (65")
    • Monitor Dimensions (W × H × D):
      • 963 x 556.2 x 29.7mm (43")
      • 1,095.6 x 630.8 x 29.7mm (49")
      • 1,231.4 x 707.2 x 29.7mm (55")
      • 1,450.3 x 830.3 x 29.7mm (65")
    • Carton Dimensions (W × H × D):
      • 1,055 x 660 x 142 mm (43")
      • 1,215 x 736 x 152 mm (49")
      • 1,360 x 801 x 161 mm (55")
      • 1,600 x 970 x 172 mm (65")
    • Handle: No
    • VESA™ Standard Mount Interface:
      • 200 × 200 mm (43")
      • 300 × 300 mm (49", 55", 65")

    Key Feature:

    • Internal Memory: 16 GB
    • Built-in Wi-Fi: Yes
    • Sensors: Temperature, Auto Brightness (External IR), Acceleration (Gyro)
    • Local Key Operation: Yes
    • Built-in Speaker: Yes
    • Operating System: webOS 6.0
    • Local Contents Scheduling: Yes
    • Group Manager: Yes
    • USB Plug & Play: Yes
    • Fail Over: Yes
    • Image Features: Booting Logo, No Signal Image
    • Sync: RS-232C, Local Network
    • Picture-in-Picture (PIP): Yes
    • Picture-by-Picture (PBP): Yes (4)
    • Screen Share: Yes
    • Video Tag: Yes (4)
    • Play via URL: Yes
    • Rotation: Screen Rotation, External Input Rotation
    • Gapless Playback: Yes
    • Tile Mode Setting: Max. 15 × 15
    • Setting Data Cloning: Yes
    • SNMP: Yes
    • ISM Method: Yes
    • Auto Set ID: Yes
    • Status Mailing: Yes
    • Control Manager: Yes
    • 3rd Party Compatibility: Cisco Certified, Crestron Connected®
    • Smart Energy Saving: Yes
    • PM Mode: Yes
    • Wake on LAN: Yes
    • Network Ready: Yes
    • Beacon: Yes
    • HDMI-CEC: Yes
    • SI Server Setting: Yes
    • webRTC: Yes
    • Pro:Idiom: Yes

    Environment Conditions:

    • Operation Temperature: 0 °C to 40 °C
    • Operation Humidity: 10 % to 80 %


    • Power Supply: AC 100-240 V ~, 50/60 Hz
    • Power Type: Built-In Power
    • Power Consumption (Typ./Max.):
      • 80W / 120W (43")
      • 100W / 140W (49")
      • 110W / 160W (55")
      • 145W / 200W (65")
    • Smart Energy Saving (70%):
      • 56W (43")
      • 70W (49")
      • 77W (55")
      • 101.5W (65")
    • DPM Power: 0.5W
    • Power Off: 0.5W
    • BTU (British Thermal Unit):
      • 273 BTU/Hr (Typ.), 409 BTU/Hr (Max) (43")
      • 341 BTU/Hr (Typ.), 478 BTU/Hr (Max) (49")
      • 375 BTU/Hr (Typ.), 546 BTU/Hr (Max) (55")
      • 495 BTU/Hr (Typ.), 682 BTU/Hr (Max) (65")


    • Safety: CB, NRTL
    • EMC: FCC Class “B", CE, KC
    • ePEAT: Yes
    • ErP / Energy Star: Yes (NewErP) / Yes
    • ISTA6: Yes (~Sep. 23y, US Suffix Only)
    • Carbon Trust: Yes (CO2 Reducing (TBD))

    Software Compatibility:

    • SuperSign CMS, SuperSign Control / Control+, SuperSign WB, SuperSign Cloud, Mobile CMS, LG ConnectedCare


    • Input: HDMI, DP, RS-232C, RJ45 (LAN), IR, USB 2.0 (Type A)
    • Output: HDMI, Audio Out, RS-232C, Daisy Chain


    • English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Original), Portuguese (Brazil), Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese (Europe), Dutch, Czech, Greek, Turkish, Arabic


    • Basic: Remote Controller (include battery 2ea), Power Cord, QSG (Quick Start Guide), Regulation Book, Phone to RS232C Gender, Cable Holder (2EA), AC Cord Holder (1EA)
    • Optional: Slim Wall Mount (WB21LMA/B), Wall Mount (OLW480A/B), Wall Mount Adapter (AM-B330S)

    Special Feature:

    • Tilt (Facedown): Yes (Max 30º degree, 40ºC temperature)