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SAMSUNG Flip 2 WM Series
SAMSUNG Flip 2 WM Series
SAMSUNG Flip 2 WM Series

    SAMSUNG Flip 2 WM Series

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    55" : WM55R
    65" : WM65R
    75" : WM75A
    85" : WM85A

    Draw, write & Inspire new ideas

    • Smooth and familiar pen to paper writing experience
    • Variety of available colors, styles, and widths
    • Up to 4 people can write simultaneously, using any object as a writing tool
    • Can quickly erase drawings with finger or palm swipe.
    • Write on any background source without affecting any work behind the original layer.

    Creating a masterpiece

    • On brush mode, it can recognise wide range of thickness
    • Water and oil painting modes allow different styles and textures
    • Full vibrant color palette
    • Flexible color mixing

    Flexible image editing

    • Select, move, crop, capture and edit any images
    • Merge image with just a click of a button

    Easy content navigation & protection

    • Scroll & Lock
    • Up to 20 pages of writing space per roll, allowing users to seamlessly scroll through pages
    • Its reinforced lock system allows users to safeguard sensitive content from view