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ViewSonic VB-WPS Vcast

    ViewSonic VB-WPS Vcast

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    Product Overview

    The ViewSonic® ViewBoard® Cast Button is an easy-to-use USB-C/A+HDMI screen sharing device. It enables 1080p content to be streamed from a user’s PC onto a ViewBoard® interactive display over wireless or cable networks. Just pair the button with your devices, click the button and begin sharing content. Cross-platform support for Windows, MacOS, Chrome OS and Linux delivers convenience and versatility. Easy USB-C/A+HDMI connectivity enables video, audio and power transmission over a single cable. Dual-band WiFi support ensures blazing-fast wireless network speed, and the built-in WPA2 PSK encryption ensures a secure connection. Whether used in conference rooms or huddle spaces, the ViewBoard® Cast Button makes group collaboration quick and easy.

    two people signing over a video call using the built-in webcam

    Optimized Meetings

    Make your wireless meetings and presentations more effective and efficient with a single tap. The ViewBoard Cast Button allows up to four people to simultaneously present on the meeting room display, giving everyone the ability to participate and present.

    two people signing over a video call using the built-in webcam

    Instant Sync

    The ViewBoard Cast Button eliminates the need to install or download additional software, giving you more time to brainstorm and fewer syncing worries. In addition, compatibility with various operating systems (Windows, Mac and Chrome OS) lets you participate and present from your preferred device without hassle.

    two people signing over a video call using the built-in webcam

    Enhanced Presentations

    Manage and streamline meetings by adding notes and saving presentations directly on a ViewBoard® Interactive Display. Seamlessly move from PowerPoint to YouTube without switching devices. Meetings will now be a breeze for everyone.

    two people signing over a video call using the built-in webcam

    Uncompromised Security and Privacy

    With the ViewBoard Cast Button, there is no need to connect to your company’s network or install external software. Secured with WPA2-PSK encryption, the ViewBoard Cast Button can simply be plugged it into your device for safe and seamless content sharing.

    Dual Band Wireless Support

    This device offers a 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual band wireless transmission that smoothly streams multimedia content such as videos and images, without any delays. The 2.4GHz frequency is perfect for web browsing and presentations, while the wider bandwidth of 5GHz is perfect for streaming high-quality videos and games.

    WPA2 Enterprise Encryption

    WPA2 enterprise encryption ensures secure wireless connection.