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ViewSonic ID2456 Touch Monitor with Active Pen

    ViewSonic ID2456 Touch Monitor with Active Pen

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    24” Touch Monitor with MPP2.0 Active Pen ​

    • PCAP touch technology for fast and accurate touch response​
    • USB-C for instant plug-and-play connectivity via a single cable​
    • Ergonomic flexibility for optimal positioning in any task or setup​
    • Extended Windows Ink workspace for digital writing and design​
    • Compatible with all devices that support Microsoft Pen Protocol


    Expand your workspace with the ID2456, a 24” Full HD touch monitor designed to break free from the limitations of a mouse and give you the freedom of working with a pen in hand. The MPP2.0 active pen combines with PCAP technology and Palm Rejection to deliver pinpoint accuracy when writing or drawing so you can optimize presentations, collaboration, and communication with the ability to freely capture and convey ideas in digital form. The multifunctional display covers 120% sRGB color gamut for a stunning viewing experience supported by advanced eye-care technology and ergonomic flexibility. Complete with seamless connectivity via USB-C and compatibility with all devices that support Microsoft Pen Protocol, the ID2456 adds a natural, intuitive, and hands-on experience to your personal workflow.​

    A Digital Podium for next-level learning

    A future-proof solution for dynamic presentations. Allowing presenters to take notes, sketch ideas, and connect with their audiences on a deeper level.

    A Digital Podium for next-level learning 1

    Seamless hybrid teaching integration with ViewDirector

    ID2456 features exclusive ViewDirector software. A powerful live streaming software which allows teachers having clear communication
    -Be Professional and Neat: Switch web camera source with no hassle.
    -Intuitive to Use: Concise and easy understand user Inerface.
    -Your Personalized UI: Customize your in-screen layout with dragging, enlarging and narrowing down to suit your needs.

    Seamless hybrid teaching integration with ViewDirector 1
    Seamless hybrid teaching integration with ViewDirector 2

    Make Your Lecture Flow

    Break free from the limitations of a mouse and enjoy the free-flowing precision of a pen. Powered by MPP2.0 technology for pinpoint accuracy and combined with PCAP 10-point touch and Palm rejection technology, the ID2456 fully harnesses the natural feeling of working with a pen in hand.

    1. A full charge for stylus will last for about 100 hours of constant use.
    2. The stylus will automatically enter power saving mode after 3 minutes.
    3. Please charge the pen to 70% power in around 45 min prior to first time use. It takes around 6-7 hours to charge fully, depending on the residual power and ambient conditions like temperature etc.
    4. It is recommended to use a USB Type-A to Type-C cable and connect to the USB Type-A port of the ID2456 to charge the pen.
    5. The sillicon pen tip cover which is used to reduce stroke noise, may affect drawing / writing accuracy.


    PCAP touch and MPP 2.0
    Make Your Lecture Flow 1

    Ink with Pixel-perfect Precision

    Supporting 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity and +/-50゜tilt range, the MPP2.0 pen delivers pure precision for accurate handwriting, detailed drawing, and easy annotation in Windows Ink, PowerPoint, and a range of other applications designed for classroom teaching or hybrid learning.
    Expression with Windows Ink platform
    Ink with Pixel-perfect Precision 1

    Expand The Way You Teach

    Functioning as your primary monitor or as a supporting display, the ID2456 delivers a stunning 24" of added productivity to your classroom podium. Fully adjustable for optimal ergonomic positioning and compatible with all Windows 10 devices, the ID2456 seamlessly extends your workspace for a more productive, touch-enabled workflow.
    Compatible with All Windows 10 laptop and PC
    Expand The Way You Teach 1

    Connect and Share Instantly

    USB-C delivers the latest and fastest connectivity with data, video, audio, and power delivered though a single cable for plug-and-play access to your display and a workplace free of cable clutter, while the HDMI output enables easy screen mirroring with projectors and monitors.
    USB-C with 90W Power Delivery HDMI output
    Connect and Share Instantly 1

    Seamlessly Adjust For Any Task

    The ergonomically advanced hinge stand allows for effortless adjustment of the display between 15°-70° for optimal positioning in any setup or task, from note taking to conference calling to group presentations. the magnetic strip on three sides and the back to hold the pen when not in use.
    Stand Hinge Design 3-side magnet base and pen holder
    Seamlessly Adjust For Any Task 1
    Seamlessly Adjust For Any Task 2
    Seamlessly Adjust For Any Task 3

    Built to Work Hard

    Protected by a glass cover that measures 6H on the Moh scale of mineral hardness and an additional anti-glare coating, the ID2456 is built to withstand hours of daily usage without affecting the high-quality visual performance of the display.
    6H hardness with Anti-glared coating
    Built to Work Hard 1

    Designed for Long Hours

    Blue light filter and Flicker-Free technology combine to deliver a superior viewing experience that is both eye friendly and energy efficient, effectively eliminating eye strain and fatigue even on days that require extra hours.
    Blue light filter, Flicker-free
    Designed for Long Hours 1

    All the Color You Need, And More

    Covering 120% sRGB color gamut, the ID2456 meets and exceeds digital display color standards to deliver stunning, true-to-life images through an expanded range of viewable color shades.
    120% sRGB ​ Color Coverage
    All the Color You Need, And More 1

    A Clutter-Free Audio Experience

    Enjoy crisp and clear audio for conference calls, podcasts, and videos in a workspace free of cable clutter. The built-in dual speakers of the ID2456 deliver out-of-the-box audio capability designed to support hassle-free remote communication, reduce set up time, and keep your workspace tidy.
    Dual 3W Speakers
    A Clutter-Free Audio Experience 1

    Dimension & I/O Ports

    1. Menu Control
    2. HDMI in
    3. USB-C
    4. VGA
    5. HDMI out
    6. Earphone
    7. Audio in
    8. VESA Compatible
      (Wall Mount 100 x 100mm)
    9. Internal Speakers
    10. USB-A
    11. USB-B
    12. AC in



    • Display Area: 527.04 x 296.46 mm (23.8" TFT LCD)
    • Optimum Resolution: FHD 1920 x 1080 pixels (16:9)
    • Brightness: 250 cd/m2
    • Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
    • Backlight: LED Light-Bar
    • Viewing Angles: H:178° / V:178°
    • Panel Surface: 6H tempered glass


    • Audio: 3W x 2
    • USB: USB3.0 (A) x 2 / USB3.0 (B) x 1
    • Power: AC 100-240V ; 50/60Hz


    • Tilt: 15° - 70° (backward)


    • PC: Windows 7, 8.1, 10
    • Mac®: Power Mac tested, Finger Touch MacOS support Big Sur (install vTouch)


    • Voltage: AC 100 – 240 V
    • Consumption: 33W (Typ.)/ 36W (Max.)


    • Temperature: 0° C to 40° C (32° F to 104° F)
    • Humidity: 10%-85% (Max), Non-Condensation

    DIMENSIONS W x H x D (inch/mm)

    • Physical (in / mm): 544.6 X 333.1 X 43.3 mm
    • Box (in / mm): 645 X 125 X 410 mm


    • Net (lb / kg): 5.0 kg
    • Gross (lb / kg): 7.7 kg




    • 1 Year


    • ID2456 x 1
    • Power cable (1.8m) x 1
    • Type-C cable (1.8m) x 1
    • HDMI cable (1.8m) x 1
    • USB 3.0 cable (1.8m) x 1
    • MPP2.0 Active Pen x 1
    • Pen tether x 1
    • Quick Start Guide x 1