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Jabra Link 180

    Jabra Link 180

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    The Jabra LINK 180 is a versatile audio switch that allows seamless switching between desk phones and softphones using the same corded Jabra QD (Quick Disconnect) headset

    Smooth Migration to Unified Communications:

    • The Jabra LINK 180 provides a smooth and cost-effective migration path from traditional telephony to Unified Communications (UC).
    • No need to invest in new headsets, as the LINK 180 allows you to continue using your existing corded Jabra QD headset.

    One Headset for Both Desk Phone and Softphone:

    • With the convenient manual switch, users can easily answer calls from both desk phones and softphone clients using the same headset.
    • Ideal for offices and contact centers transitioning to UC or utilizing a combination of desk and softphones for operational efficiency.

    Protect Your Headset Investment:

    • Compatible with any corded Jabra QD headset and leading brands of softphones, ensuring users can leverage the benefits of their professional headset investment.
    • Features superior sound quality, Noise Canceling technology, and all-day wearing comfort.

    Jabra LINK 180 Overview:

    • Variant: Jabra Link 180 USB and QD switch for corded QD headsets.
    • Description: USB and QD switch that enables users to answer calls from both desk phones and softphone clients using the same Jabra QD (Quick Disconnect) headset.

    The Jabra LINK 180 offers a convenient and efficient solution for organizations transitioning to Unified Communications while maximizing the utility of their existing corded headsets.