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Jabra LINK 860

    Jabra LINK 860

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     The Jabra Link 860 audio processor is designed to enhance employee productivity and comfort in call center environments

    1. Dual Connectivity: The Link 860 offers dual connectivity to both desk phones and softphones straight out of the box, making it suitable for various office and contact center setups.

    2. Audio Streaming: Employees have access to audio streaming functionality, enabling them to manage calls more efficiently and effectively.

    3. Call Management Features: With easy-to-reach buttons for mute, volume control, and switching calls between desk phones and softphones, agents can handle calls seamlessly, reducing call handling time.

    4. Consistent Sound Clarity: The Link 860 ensures consistent sound clarity, reducing background noise and providing safe noise levels, which leads to fewer call interruptions and faster call resolution.

    5. Hearing Protection: Built-in hearing protection features and background noise reduction help prevent stress and hearing injuries, creating a more comfortable and productive working environment for agents.

    6. Acoustic Shock Protection: The Link 860 provides acoustic shock protection, ensuring that users are protected from sudden loud noises and comply with regulations such as the EU Noise at Work Directive and G616 in Australia.

    7. Future-Proof Investment: Whether transitioning offices or migrating telephony infrastructure, the Link 860 allows businesses to maximize their existing headset investment for longer, ensuring cost-effectiveness and adaptability.

    8. Compliance: The Link 860 is compliant with various regulations and standards, ensuring that it meets the necessary safety and quality requirements for use in professional environments.

    In summary, the Jabra Link 860 audio processor simplifies productivity for call center agents by providing advanced call management features, superior sound quality, and compliance with industry standards, ultimately contributing to improved employee efficiency and satisfaction.