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Logitech RoomMate + Tap IP (Graphite)

    Logitech RoomMate + Tap IP (Graphite)

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    Upgrade an existing room from PC to Appliance mode by adding RoomMate. Leverage a Logitech MeetUp, Rally, or Rally Plus with RoomMate + Tap IP to make any room a complete appliance-based solution.

    General Specifications

    • Tap IP
    • Touch Screen: 257 mm diagonal screen with 14° display angle
    • Resolution: 1280 x 800
    • Cabling: Power over Ethernet (PoE) cable (not included), IEEE 802.3af Type 1, Class 3 device
    • Cable Management: Internal cable retention and strain relief system
    • Ethernet: 10/100 Mbps
    • Wi-Fi: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
    • Device Management: Logitech Sync
    • Color: Graphite
    • Mounting: 100 mm x 100 mm VESA FDMI


    • Operating System: Logitech CollabOS 1.4 or higher
    • Device Management: Logitech Sync and supported device management platforms
    • Certified Hardware: Logitech MeetUp, RallyCamera, Rally System, Rally Plus System, Tap, Tap IP
    • Verified Hardware: Biamp TesiraFORTÉ X 400, QSCQ-SYS Core 8 Flex, Shure IntelliMix P300. For latest information on compatible products, contact yourpreferred partner
    • Network Protocol Support: IPv4, IPv6
    • Proxy Support: IP based Proxy, FQDN based Proxy,Proxy using PAC file
    • Interfaces
    • HDMI Out: 2
    • HDMI In: 1
    • MAC: 3x Type A
    • Network: 10/100/1G Ethernet
    • WiFi: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
    • Operating Voltage/Power: 100-240V, 19V, 4.74A
    • Full Disk Encryption: AES-128
    • Data Encryption: Symmetric Keys, PKI
    • Device Identity: Protected by device attestation
    • Device Access: Authenticated using API
    • Key Protection: Arm TrustZone, RPMP
    • Device Security: Kensington Lock
    • Color: White
    • Compute Mount
    • Fits Logitech RoomMate and other compute devices with 100x100 or 75x75 VESA pattern

    Certifications & Compatibility

    • Appliance Mode
    • Supports compatible video conferencing software including
    • Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android
    • Zoom Rooms
    • RingCentral Meetings Rooms